How MyARP Concept works – in words.

An electrical signal is applied to any person through electrodes attached to the body. After the compulsory neurological screening is done, if any hot spots are identified, the neurological training process starts. The signal is used to electro-therapeutically mimic a cross-crawl pattern, going back to our first crawling attempts in life, where we reset the muscle functioning generally facilitate a return an athlete or an everyday person (further “client”) to a state of neurological balance / homeostasis in 10-20 sessions.  Majority of people are neurologically out-of-balance, so not able to absorb force, demonstrate their full potential nor experience a higher quality of life, without pain. Injuries and pain are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force. When we fatigue, our muscles shorten. This muscle tightening reduces and limits our ability to absorb force, resulting in lower performance and higher risk of injury. MyARP Concept keeps muscles relaxed or “loosened” by eccentric lengthening, resulting in the ability to absorb much more force, with more power and velocity.
When in-balance again, MyARP Concept is used for performance training to reach unforeseen levels of preparedness.
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MyARP – applications


from injury & pain

• Identify the neurological origin
• Return to balance
• Eliminate pain
• Increase Roll
• Quick recovery


strenght & rehab

• Increase muscle strength
• Augment endurance
• Improve muscle activation via CNS
• Facilitate functlonal movement



• Nervous system activation
• Increase muscle power & velocity
• Facilitate functional adaptation
• Enhance performance

MyARP Concept success rate is >95%

on a sample of more than

Competitive Advantage of MyARP Concept

MyARP Concept’s biggest competitive advantage is to identify the neurological origin of a physiological issue  and consequently enables your system to perform at its best.… Complete in its penetration, the MyARP Concept creates minimal or no surface discomfort or pain, and apart of excellent at trigger point / hot spot allocation, obtains rapid results, is outstanding at strengthening and conditioning, unparalleled in increasing local blood flow and range of motion, eliminating compensation patterns of movement, breaking up scar tissue, with many positive side effects in body.Looking from Performance Management prospective, you have so far more likely trained only your hardware – the muscles, and more than likely never have trained the software (your Nervous System) that fires these muscles. MyARP will reeducate your muscles neurologically to work in complete harmony and create a rhythmic dance between agonist and antagonist actions. Your muscles will perform with higher efficiency, with less energy expenditure and biological cost involved. Show More

Impact of MyARP Neuro Training.

Use of MyARP stimulation, combined with a guided training process, significantly shortens both, tissue healing and the neurological remodelling, necessary to restore optimal motor function by eliminating neurological inefficiencies, compensation patterns and inflammation, increases blood flow, breaks down scar tissue, hence building strength and increased force absorption.  In the absence of injury, this same combination of electrical stimulation and specific exercises can greatly enhance full Performance Management development up to individual’s potential and reduce the likelihood of injury. This applies to highly trained athletes as well as to individuals who perform repetitive tasks of any kind. Show More

Comparison with other EMS systems.

ARPwave modalities are not even remotely related to other EMS modalities – whatever our EMS competition achieves, is accomplished by use of an inflammation lowering current not the inflammation lowering biological process as ARP does. … ARP causes the process whereas all other devices correlate the use of certain current or waveform with certain occurrences. Other EMS producers speak about technology – with MyARP Concept, unrelated to the technology, you enter the neurocognitive and neurocybernetic sciences area. Show More

Your Questions About MyARP Answered

What is the MyARP Concept?

It is a revolutionary system that manages individual responses to external and internal stimuli leading to better health, wellbeing and performance.
How does MyARP Concept work?
MyARP uses a unique movement and training system that exploits neural facilitation and potentiation to significantly augment the body’s natural ability to absorb and create force, as well as to recover and perform.
What can the MyARP Concept be applied for?
Three specific areas:

1) Sports Performance Management,
2) General Training, and
3) Neuro Training for Rehabilitation from any soft tissue injuries.
How long has the MyARP Concept existed?

The MyARP Concept was developed in Switzerland in 2014 as a natural evolution of the highly successful performance management system applied by Jay Schroeder of EVO Ultrafit USA and the neurological rehabilitation protocols developed by ARP Wave USA.
Who can use the MyARP Concept and who must NOT?
The MyARP Concept is beneficial to everyone (*) regardless of age, sex and professional occupation.

What conditions can MyARP Concept address?
  • Chronic pain
  • All kind of muscle injuries, weakness and/or atrophy
  • Arthritis / inflammation
  • Bone-on-bone conditions
  • Pre- and Post-surgery preparation & recovery
  • Recovery from stroke
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neurological diseases (CRPS)
  • Limited range of motion
  • ACL-MCL-PCL-LCL-meniscus tears
  • Concussions
  • Please contact us via the contact form for any not listed condition.
    How does MyARP Concept resolve neurophysiological conditions?

    Any physiological constraints as well as soft tissue injuries caused by neurological inefficiencies can be addressed by the MyARP Concept.

    MyARP Neuro Training uses a patented bio-electrical current to find the neurological origin of the physiological symptom. Once the source of the injury or pain is found, the application of the direct, bio-electrical current is used and applied with our patented neurological protocols enabling us to significantly reduce the rehabilitation time process (30-80% faster) in comparison to traditional rehabilitation methodologies.
    What happens during a typical MyARP Neuro Training session?

    During injury treatment, a licensed MyARP Neuro Training practitioner will use pads that are placed on your skin, allowing DC currents to pass through and identify the origin or the disruption in your soft tissue. Once the source has been found, the practitioner will guide you through a series of exercises to correct body compensation and create new neuro patterns that reeducate your muscles to elongate and absorb force correctly.

    During Performance Training, YOUR personal MyARP coach will guide YOU through the Process that leads to neurological efficiency at a higher rate and prepares the body to respond appropriately under an increased amount of stress.

    How are MyARP modalities different from other EMSs (electro-muscle stimulation)?
    Electric stimulation only treats the physiological symptoms of pain and usually only provide temporary relief. MyARP Concept identifies and treats the source of the problem (where it originated), and eliminates the physiological pain, re-establishes efficient signal transmission from the brain to the muscles, increases range-of-motion, eliminates compensatory patterns of movement and dramatically decreases inflammation.
    What is MyARP Concept Performance Management Consulting?
    MyARP Performance Consulting is a revolutionary training system that supports the expression of talent and personal potential through high speed, high load, high volume stimuli. Programs are arranged and managed based on specific and general individual responses over time.

    MyARP Concept Performance Consulting may include the personally designed daily, weekly or monthly programs aimed to achieve the commonly agreed objectives.
    What is different in MyARP Concept Performance Consulting compared to S&C?
    The key and significant differentiating factor is that the MyARP Performance Management Consulting includes the development of anticipatory skills through a virtual type of training that triggers our systemic responses to movement even in actual absence of it. The benefits are significantly more effective training and performance at remarkably lower biological costs.
    How will MyARP Concept improve my performance?
    You have only trained your hardware: your muscles. You more than likely have never trained the software that fires those muscles. MyARP will reeducate your muscles to work in complete harmony and create a rhythmic dance between agonist and antagonist actions. Your muscles will perform better with less energy expenditure not having to inefficiently fight each other.
    How does MyARP recover muscles so quickly and eliminate muscle soreness?
    When you fatigue a muscle shortens and goes into concentric contraction to protect you. This signal is hardwired into your body. MyARP Concept instantly changes that signal when fatigue sets in and allows your muscles to immediately lengthen eccentrically. Increased blood supply, and freedom of movement are means by which recovery is hence facilitated.
    Can I build my muscles faster with MyARP Concept?
    Yes, much faster. MyARP will allow you to recruit muscle fibers at a much higher speed and stimulate them at a deeper level, thus promoting muscle growth, density and strength much quicker than any other traditional training method.
    I am not a professional athlete. Will MyARP Concept work for me?
    Waking up in the morning with stiff muscles can be eliminated by applying MyARP Concept for a few minutes to relax those muscles. If you work on your feet, MyARP will help to return blood pooled in your lower extremities to the central circulation (i.e. improve venous return). If you have a difficult time sleeping, MyARP will relax you so you will sleep soundly. MyARP will eliminate most headaches in a few minutes and migraines long-term. If you do Pilates, Yoga, or Tai Chi MyARP will allow you to get into positions you have never been able to get into. If you or anyone in the family is not flexible MyARP can have you loose and be very flexible in minutes. MyARP will help you move freely and without pain, helping to improve your quality of life.
    How can I instantly increase flexibility?
    When you were a child you were more flexible. By the time you reached 4 years of age, you began copying the pattern of movement of the influencers around you such as mother, father etc. In doing so you created compensation patterns which prevent you from being able now to have the same ease of movement or flexibility you had as a child. With MyARP you instantly change the signal, hence allowing your muscles to lengthen. This is how your flexibility is instantly increased. MyARP did NOT make you more flexible, it just allows you to demonstrate what you have always been able to do. No amount of stretching or training will allow you to achieve what MyARP will do: your inability to move like a child is a neurological issue NOT a physiological one.
    How many MyARP Neuro Training sessions will I need?
    The number of sessions needed to solve the problem can vary from client to client. Normally, it can take up to 10 sessions, but 20 sessions are always recommended to radically increase force absorption, to fully create new movement patterns without pain or RoM restrictions. In cases of anatomical impairment or long-lasting chronical disease (f.e. CRPS, MS, stroke, etc.), the time to reach marked improvement in such health conditions is usually prolonged.
    How long does each MyARP Neuro Training treatment take?
    The first MyARP Neuro Training, including screening and testing, takes about 60-90 minutes, and 2-10 sessions take 30-40 minutes. Sessions 11-20 usually take 20-30 minutes. Performance training can be in range of 10 to 60 minutes or/and up to 90 minutes per day.
    Does MyARP Neuro Training have any side effects or downtime?
    MyARP Neuro Training does not have any side effects and there is no need for downtime after each training session. Clients can typically return to work or their regular daily activities after their regular treatment sessions. Athletes, if not injured, can perform MyARP Concept pre- or/and after practicing and/or competition.
    Is MyARP Neuro Training safe?
    MyARP Neuro Training is a safe concept that is regulated by the FDA and is ideal for clients who are looking for accelerated recovery from acute and chronic injuries or want to reach exceptional performance. Clients who choose MyARP Concept to achieve accelerated change can expect to return to work, sport and daily activities in a short span with no downtime after sessions.
    Will my insurance cover my MyARP Neuro Training treatments?
    MyARP Neuro Training is reimbursed by some insurance carriers and can often be used through flexible spending accounts. To see if your insurance plan covers MyARP Neuro Training, contact your insurance provider. We can provide applicable insurance codes.