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MyARP Concept Performance Management is a coaching company area created to identify and implement creative and innovative solutions for long-term performance success by identifying the critical elements of success for YOU in YOUR environment and then transform them into integrated solutions for an individual athlete or whole team.
MyARP Concept Performance Consulting includes development of daily / weekly / monthly exercise programs that modulate anaerobic / aerobic preparedness, speed, explosiveness, endurance, weights, and/or flexibility training to suit the metabolic and physical demands of the sport in question, with technology or/and w/o.

Principles of training

The 1st step in training an athlete is POSITION.

The 2nd step in training an athlete is to ABSORB FORCE IN POSITION.

The 3rd step in training and athlete is to CREATE FORCE IN POSITION.

MyARP Concept is allowing the human body to be the miracle that it is through Position, Velocity and Movement.

Maximise the benefits of your training in 10-15 minutes.
Leads to HGH' secretor that helps create lean muscle mass and stronger bones.
Velocity Endurance
Strenght Endurance
HGH' creates increased energy levels and exercise performance.

The PROCESS is what leads to neurological efficiency at such a high rate and the body is prepared to respond appropriately under this great amount of stress. When this stress is not present, the body is still able to respond to any movement needed to be done, hence can now do so with a higher level of efficiency and accelerate the process.

*HGH, produced by the pituitary gland (hypophysis), helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, spurs muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, and possibly heart function.

Principles of training

Training should always be done to the maximum, using:

  • velocity of movement
  • length of time
  • amount of load

Training any less then maximum will only
create a less then maximum response.

Force – Velocity

MyARP Performance Management is an effective way of increasing strength, muscle mass, increasing force absorption, same as velocity and improving performance of any skill.

All other strength and conditioning training methods work mainly on the muscles not on the nervous system which fires those muscles.

MyARP Performance Management trains the nervous system which drives your muscles much like the software drives your computer, what instantly increases your flexibility and your ability to perform.

What leads to MyARP Concept
Performance Management success?

Intensity of the efforts and duration of training are no longer an issue.
- 80%
Evolutionary training is a system of high intensity to supra-intensity (high speed, high load, high volume) training routines which target specific physiological traits: those associated with efficient athletic and/or human performance. These training routines are arranged according to their importance for the specific individual being trained. Once entering the EVO System, the athlete/client proceeds in a specific order through each of these traits as his or her physiology indicates.


Recovery is essential for all athletes to be able to deliver highest performance on regular basis, as in practice as also during frequent competition.

Recovery is part of our mission to initiate immediate recovery after every practice and competition through our neurological programs provided to all our clients. 

With MyARP Concept we’re able to instantly lengthen the muscles, reducing the tightness and fatigue and recover

50%-80% faster.

The process also increases blood flow in affected area, which flushes away the metabolites from the addressed muscle groups, reducing the muscle soreness and accelerate recovery.

Reach best form – dr. Bondarchuk

3 Process Cycles to get into GOOD up to BEST SPORTS FORM:

1. General Foundation Exercises (different muscle groups addressed)

2. Special (- and Development) Elementary Exercises (do not repeat competition movement, but muscle groups that are activated during competition are addressed in these exercises)
3. Competition Specific Exercises (exercises repeat respective movements of competitive action; intended to increase body’s capacity to perform in these areas).

Not all exercises transfer well, mainly related due to functionality of
CNS. The CNS function is highly specific, occurring only in those motor
neurons that participate in the EXACT movement executed, either in
training or in competition.…Positive transfer from training can be
observed only between motor neurons that function at very similar
times, and even then, they may not always fire all.
Talking about transfer on muscular and nervous levels.
Comprehensive though concerning muscular and nervous system
adaptation must include the dynamics of nervous system function,
both from a processing point of view and from delivery point of view.
Area to look at: Delivery of impulses from afferent and efferent nerves
and biochemistry of neurotransmission.

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