Professional athletes



from injury & pain

• Identify the neurological origin
• Return to balance
• Eliminate pain
• Increase Roll
• Quick recovery


strenght & rehab

• Increase muscle strength
• Augment endurance
• Improve muscle activation via CNS
• Facilitate functlonal movement



• Nervous system activation
• Increase muscle power & velocity
• Facilitate functional adaptation
• Enhance performance

What is MyARP

The MyARP Concept is a method of neurological electro-stimulation. The application results depend entirely on the proper use of the technologies in accordance with the respective ARPwave and EVO UltraFit neurological protocols and programs, as well as the knowledge-based purposeful management of the System’s principles.

Why to use MyARP Concept?

#MyARPConcept #Neuro-Training is incredibly effective at reducing pain and accelerating healing by eliminating neurological inefficiencies, compensation patterns and inflammation, increasing blood flow, breaking down scar tissue, hence building strength and increasing force absorption, enabling full Performance Management development up to individual’s potential.

Using MyARP Concept knowledge and support will:

  • Increase the effectiveness of absorbing force
  • Grow muscle mass, re-educate muscle groups and correct posture
  • Augment velocity and power
  • Prevent injury and eliminate compensation patterns of movement
  • Reduce fatigue / inflammation and enable better performance
  • Generate instant recovery without pain.
MyARP Concept offers you results no other system, concept or method can deliver, especially not with over 95% success rate. Injuries are caused by the body’s inability to absorb force. If the body is in the state of neurological out-of-balance, no max performance can be aspired and achieved. MyARP Concept will put you back in-balance, increase your force absorption ability and grant you best basis for performance results you aspire.

Who can and cannot use MyARP Concept?

The MyARP Concept is beneficial to everyone regardless of age, sex, physical preparedness, and occupation. Contraindications are state of pregnancy, implanted electrical devices (i.e. pacemakers) and novel history of blood clots.

MyARP concept is allowing the human body to be the miracle created by nature through Position, Velocity and Movement.

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